Ascendis Health

Our people

Thomas Thomsen (48)
Chief Executive Officer
Cliff Sampson (58)
Managing Director: South Africa
Kieron Futter (40)
Chief Financial Officer
Yogish Agarwal (47)
Chief Executive Officer of Sun Wave Pharma
José Luis Berenguer (71)
Chief Executive Officer of Farmalider
Andras Gyenes (47)
Chief Executive Officer of Scitec
Charalambos Pattihis (53)
Chief Executive Officer of Remedica
Lee-Ann Herbst (41)
Managing Director: Skin
Justin Korte (42)
Managing Director: Wellness
Jayen Pather (48)
Managing Director: Phyto-Vet
Jaco Smit (49)
Managing Director: Pharma
Cornélle van Graan (52)
Managing Director: Direct
Iain Rosekilly (56)
Managing Director: Australia
Julliette Morrison (50)
Acting Managing Director: Sports Nutrition
Chris Swanepoel
Managing Director: Medical Devices
Alistair Gore (57)
Divisional Managing Director: Supply Chain
Andy Sims (62)
Company Secretary and Chief Risk Officer
Darren Berman (32)
Head of Legal
Dave Meldrum (48)
Group Information Technology Manager
Chantal Burgers (31)
Group Human Resources Manager
Julliette Morrison (50)
Head of Marketing

Board Members

John Bester (71)
Independent non-executive chairman
Gary Shayne (46)
Non-executive director
Bharti Harie (47)
Independent non-executive director
Cris Dillon (47)
Non-executive director
Thomas Thomsen (48)
Executive director and chief executive officer
Cliff Sampson (58)
Executive director and managing director: South Africa
Kieron Futter (40)
Executive director and chief financial officer
Dr Karsten Wellner (56)
Executive director
Mary Sina Bomela (44)
Independent non-executive director
Dr Kinesh Pather (52)
Independent non-executive director