Ascendis Health


As part of our commitment to healthier people and healthier lives, Ascendis Health has formed a partnership with LEADout, a cycling academy which nurtures and hones the skills of aspiring young cyclists. It is an initiative which has been inspired by the success of our other Corporate Social Responsibility programme – Team Ascendis – where we have supported two of South Africa’s top female mountain bikers, Robyn de Groot and Jennie Stenerhag.

As a leading health and care company Ascendis Health is adding a unique touch to this sponsorship – our premier health and care brands helping to better train, inspire and empower these young cyclists. In the first phase of the programme, two recently matriculated girls and boys from the Outdshoorn District and Grassy park were selected to go through a four-step process towards success. It included identifying their talent, exposing them to a road racing career, evaluating their discipline and commitment, and matching their academic goals to their cycle racing opportunities.

LEADout, run by Director Barry Austin, a former South African pro-cyclist on the European circuit, and Commercial Relations Manager, Malcom Lange, a South African cycling icon, is bridging the gap between ‘bums on bikes’ and nurturing star performers.

“We know the ratio of youngsters turning professional in sport is low and whilst we hope to increase this and that some of our identified talent bridge that gap, we know some are not. The idea is that those that do not make it still walk away winners in the sense of gaining extra education whilst chasing their dreams.” – Barry Austin, Director, LEADout.

These goals align with the Ascendis Health vision to build a remarkable business of synergistic human, plant and animal health brands across the value chain, that all aim to enhance certain aspects of the user’s life.

“Supporting pinnacle-performers in such a fast-growing, health-focused and prominent sport is a carefully considered alignment of our company, our brands and our vision – Dr Karsten Wellner, CEO, Ascendis Health.

With this dedicated program and the right performance enhancing products, together Ascendis Health and LEADout Cycling are helping create a winning team and supporting and developing South Africa’s young cycling talent.