Ascendis Health

Introducing Ascendis Health

Ascendis Health is a South African-based health and care company with an impressive portfolio of market leading brands, delivering diverse solutions and services to people, plants and animals. The company was founded in 2008 by Coast2Coast Capital and has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 2013. Ascendis Health has created R8.8 billion in shareholder wealth since listing, an amount which includes the growth in market capitalisation together with dividends declared.

The entrepreneurial culture of Ascendis Health is upheld by our founding partners, executive management team and founder-owners of the businesses which have been acquired over the past eight years. We are focused on maintaining our lead in the health and care market through organic growth, exports of our strong brands, international expansion and the acquisition of bolt-on businesses. Through a balance between entrepreneurial freedom and corporatisation, Ascendis Health ensures synergy with founder-owners and acquisitions for long-term, sustainable growth.

Ascendis Health has diverse revenue streams across three product divisions: Consumer Brands, Pharma-Med and Phyto-Vet. The Consumer Brands division is further broken down into well-known products and services in Nutraceuticals and Complementary Medicines, Sports Nutrition and Skin Care. The Pharma-Med division includes Prescription Drugs, Over The Counter (OTC) Medication, and Medical Devices. Finally, in Phyto-Vet, there are Plant and Animal health and care products. For a comprehensive breakdown of the revenue for each division, download the latest Ascendis Health Integrated Report.

Some of the most recognised brands in the health and care market in South Africa fall under the Ascendis banner. Those in the number one spot in the local market include: Solal, Reuterina, Phlexy, Sportron, Surgical Innovations, Efekto and Wonder.

Other well-known health and care brands which are represented by Ascendis Health are: Bettaway, Jungle Vites, SSN, Sinucon and Sinunend, AfriKelp, Vitaforce, MenaCal 7, Preg Omega, Nimue, Evox, Supashape and Marltons.