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Sun Wave Pharma

Sun Wave Pharma, located in Bucharest is now a proud member of the Ascendis Health Group.

Founded in 2008 by Yogish Agarwal, Sun Wave Pharma is now the No. 1 Nutraceutical, Top 4th OTC and Top 28th Pharma company in Romania. Sun Wave Pharma currently has the largest Sales & Marketing Team in Romania, with 260 Professional Medical Representatives in 9 specialized Divisions. Sun Wave Pharma is focused on bringing well-researched, unique Nutritional products based on efficacy and safety to the market and is dedicated towards niche therapeutic areas. Sun Wave Pharma brands Urisan GR™, Stresclin Complex™, Neurovert™, Endolex Forte™ have already gained huge notoriety amongst Medical Fraternity and Patients.